Control Companion like never before with the


Stream Rack 1u 20x Concept
StreamRack 20x
The StreamRack 1u 20x4
StreamRack 20x4
StreamRack 20x1
StreamRack 20x1
StreamRack 20x4
StreamRack 20x4

We’re excited to roll out our first project, the StreamRack, under the Broadcast Fellows brand. Think of it as your go-to alternative to the popular Elgato Stream Deck.

Our StreamRack easily plugs into your setup, thanks to direct integration with the Companion Satellite API. We’ve got a USB port for easy firmware upgrades, which is open-source. Powering it up is a breeze, too—either use POE+ or just plug it into a 12V adapter.

We’re planning to launch a 1U size model with either 20 buttons or up to 4 rotary encoders for those who like to have options. These encoders can be used as rotary actions right within Companion.

We’re very exited about the early positive feedback we’re getting. Want to stay in the loop? Sign up below for more updates!

  • Directly intergrates using the Bitfocus Companion Satallite API
  • Pushbuttons with RGB Leds reflecting the companion settings
  • Label above the button showing the text
  • POE+ Powered
  • 1 rack unit dimensions for easy deployment
  • 0 or 5 rotary encoders
  • Competetive Pricing
Controllable by Companion

The features of our product are subject to modification. While we strive to uphold our commitments, please note that we are currently in the research and development stage.